Friends of TFH Appalachia

How to Become a Supporting "Friend of TFH Appalachia"

Make your annual gift of $120 (or more) or a recurring monthly gift of $10 (or more) on our donation page and contact 
Keith Stillwell - or Elena Compton -

Friends of TFH Appalachia receive a nice appreciation gift--a candle created by an Appalachian artisan and a spiral light candle (see below).
Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

The Mission of TFH Appalachia

The mission of Together for Hope Appalachia is to transform persistent rural poverty in Appalachia through asset-based community development that prioritizes education, health & nutrition, housing & environment, and social enterprise. We have a vision for a world where all people have access to food, housing, education, healthcare, and meaningful work and income. Our mission is working with others to make that vision a reality, especially in the 57 counties of persistent poverty in Appalachia, with counties in Kentucky (39), West Virginia (8), Tennessee (7), Virginia (2) and Ohio (1). 
Appalachia was long dominated by a single extractive industry, which did not result in development of schools, infrastructure, or economic diversity. As that industry has declined the Appalachian economy has suffered greatly.

While we intervene to repair homes, feed the hungry, work for better healthcare, innovate creative solutions, and advocate for just systems, we keep our focus on the big picture vision of poverty alleviation. We continue to go to the root of poverty, hunger, inadequate housing, education, and healthcare and ask why these inequities exist as we seek long-term sustainable solutions.

Learn more about: Together for Hope Appalachia

A Coalition

We are better when we work together, so we continue to build a coalition of organizations, churches, and individuals who share our goals, while we work to provide resources, support, and networking for existing partners.

Coalition Members and Partners

Your annual gift of $120 (or $10 a month) supports this work of transformation in rural Appalachia:

• Engaging in poverty alleviation through asset-based community development and the four priorities of hope: education, health & nutrition, housing & environment, and social enterprise.
• Growing a coalition of non-profits, businesses, churches, and individuals that share our goals and priorities.
• Networking through social media, email, personal contacts, and through our monthly Zoom meetings which bring together coalition members for collaboration, encouragement, and support.
• Providing resources, support, coordination, and capacity building for our coalition members.
• Advocating for issues of importance to poverty alleviation in Appalachia, building a network of churches and church members, and working with other advocacy organization.

• Expanding our impact by providing additional leadership in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Ohio.


Keith Stillwell, D.Min., serves as Together for Hope Regional Vice President for Appalachia.

Elena Compton is the Assistant to the Regional Vice President for Together for Hope Appalachia, serving in West Virginia.


To show our appreciation and to commemorate your partnership with TFH Appalachia we would like to present you with a candle holder created by Appalachian artist, Kirk Banks, and a SpiralLight Candle. 
Thank you for sharing your light (Matthew 5:15).


Richard Kirk Banks

Head Ceramic Contract Artist
Appalachian Artisan Center, Hindman, Kentucky
Richard Kirk Banks is a multi-disciplinary studio artist working in Hindman, KY. A Whitesburg,
KY native, Kirk is a graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall and the University of Virginia’s College
at Wise with an emphasis in fine/studio art. He practices primarily in three media: ceramic arts,
printmaking, and painting. Kirk’s pieces from each medium are characterized by bold, saturated
colors, simple patterns, and lively functionality. His ceramic work is generally functional and
wheel-made, with instruction offered weekly by the artist. His print work includes serigraphs and
monotype/monoprint on paper, while his paintings are made with acrylic, oil, and pastels on
canvas or panel.


A unique candle that burns in a circle
Choose from a Variety of Scents and Colors.