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Kentuckians for the Commonwealth build New Power in Kentucky. New Power means thousands of new jobs, healthy communities and opportunities for our children. But we have to address the problems caused by Old Power – old political power, old economic power and old energy power. We have to: · make a Just Transition to cleaner and safer forms of energy that create new jobs and respect our resources · reform our tax structure so it’s fair and supports quality schools, healthy and safe communities, and an effective state government · restore voting rights and enable all Kentuckians to participate in our democracy · choose better leaders who represent ordinary people instead of powerful interests · protect our water, air, land, people and planet by addressing the problems caused by coal mining and burning fossil fuels Appalshop Our mission is to enlist the power of education, media, theater, music, and other arts to: · document, disseminate, and revitalize the lasting traditions and contemporary creativity of Appalachia; · tell stories the commercial cultural industries don’t tell, challenging stereotypes with Appalachian voices and visions; · support communities’ efforts to achieve justice and equity and solve their own problems in their own ways; · celebrate cultural diversity as a positive social value; · and participate in regional, national, and global dialogue toward these ends. Kentucky Center for Economic Policy (KCEP) Public policy shapes the lives of all Kentuckians. When we understand policy choices and their impacts, we can build a commonwealth where everyone thrives. KyPolicy makes these choices clear by producing sound, credible research. We break down complex issues around public investments, taxes, education, criminal justice, health care, jobs, the economy and more so you know how they affect you and why they matter. Highlander Center Highlander serves as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the South. We work with people fighting for justice, equality and sustainability, supporting their efforts to take collective action to shape their own destiny. Through popular education, language justice, participatory research, cultural work, and intergenerational organizing, we help create spaces — at Highlander and in local communities — where people gain knowledge, hope and courage, expanding their ideas of what is possible. We develop leadership and help create and support strong, democratic organizations that work for justice, equality and sustainability in their own communities and that join with others to build broad movements for social, economic and restorative environmental change.
T&T Organics Jason Tartt, Owner McDowell County, West Virginia T&T Organics has a very deep passion towards the natural organic way of living, which essentially lead to the start-up of this new small farm located in McDowell County, WV. T&T Organics is dedicated to using only natural, organic methods to provide fresh produce, meat and dairy products. T&T Organics is also proud to announce that we have become a new member of a new farm cooperative called "McDowell County Farms" which was established in December of 2014. Economic Development Greater East (EDGE) McDowell County, WV EDGE was formed when a group of community members and land-based producers realized the need for coordination of, and support for, regional education and programming in land-based sectors ripe for scale. EDGE focuses on entrepreneurship and agripreneurship. EDGE has since expanded its commitment to local work opportunities to include remote and other trade opportunities. Evolving out of a volunteer-based agricultural working group in 2016, participants pooled their 20+ years of experience in farming, business, nonprofit, military, and public health to work collectively for full scale regional regenerative land-based production and a healthy, and a vibrant entrepreneurial and work-force. EDGE's agripreneurship goal is to grow and support land-based producers toward a living wage comparable to that outlined by the agricultural economist David Kohl for Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and our section of the Southeast, which is a farm family gross income of at least $80,000 per year (based on the work of the respected AgBiz Planner program). EDGE's entrepreneurship and workforce training focuses on stemming community brain drain and talent export, allowing locals to remain local and thrive. EDGE also coordinates and collaborates on issues of food security and food desert dilemmas, leading with heritage foodways and skills at the core of that joint effort and issues of nutrition and health. Cooperative Christian Ministry Eric Martin, Executive Director