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Virtual K-12 Education Forum: Listening to Rural Georgia on September 13th

Join us for a public education listening session in Sumter County on 9/13 from 6-8pm EST. All education stakeholders are invited - parents, students, teachers, administrators, school staff, district personnel, after school/education non-profit staff, clergy and anyone who cares deeply about public education. We will join in an asset mapping session and listen to community priorities regarding K-12 public education. Rural voices bring critical insights that can impact state education policy in order to Fund Georgia’s Future!

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Rural Housing: Challenges and Opportunities



What is TFH Black Belt?

Black Belt Region Webinars

You are invited! Sign up for one of the following informational webinars to learn about the Together for Hope Rural Development Coalition. Find out why membership in a national coalition with regional support can impact your organization and community for good.

Participants in the coalition receive the following and more:

  • Exclusive grant opportunities for members (this winter!)
  • Capacity building for non-profit staff & leadership
  • Support from TFH’s regional & national staff members
  • Sharing of best practice w/ other rural non-profit leaders