FBC Corbin Food Pantry & Community Garden

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May 11, 2021
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June 19, 2021
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FBC Corbin Food Pantry & Community Garden

FBC Corbin has a heart for their community. They are an Encourager Church for Scarlette Jasper. Their Community Missions (http://www.corbinfbc.org/community-missions) include the White Flag Cold Weather Relief Ministry, Shoebox Ministry with Olive Branch Ministries, Baptist Housing facility for elderly and mobility impaired adults, Mustard Seed Community Garden, a Food Pantry, and they dream of much more.

I had the opportunity last week to see some of the Community Garden and Food Pantry volunteers in action: Luster Patterson, Food Pantry director, Gary and Janie Akins and their grandson, Keaton Bales, Dicey, and Jefferson and Cari Calico.

Thanks for all you do for your community.

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